Read Through the Pages of Me



I had been searching for a new poet to fall in love with and apparently the 17 year-old of myself had some secrets that I didn’t remember. I stumbled across Andrea Gibson’s poem Photograph while scrolling through my memories on Facebook. I swear, it’s like I had never heard that poem before, like I had never heard the beauty of her voice as she performs from the heart. After perusing the internet for a while I found this poem- Yarn. The entire thing is golden; I am in love with it.

Listen to these words.

I don’t know the words to the song you were born to sing,
but I know your fingers will bleed when you play the chords
and maybe you’ll need me then like I need you now
when I say that I miss you I mean something more.
I mean I’ve been biding my time till you kiss me again.
I keep poems like secrets and then tell them when I’m tired of hiding who I am.
I am missing you most
in the silence between songs on my favorite record.
Sometimes it takes so long for the music to start.

The entire poem is filled with this painfully vulnerable love. I can honestly feel my heart breaking as I listen to her talk about the silence between the songs on her favorite record. Those brief moments that you are left with nothing to occupy your mind with can seem eternal. Moments without the one you love, seem eternal.

Have you shared the secret parts of yourself with someone before? No, I don’t mean physically. It’s too easy to give away those parts of yourself, to pretend that those parts of you are precious; they aren’t. Now please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that the giving yourself to someone isn’t special. It is, but if you haven’t told them your secrets, then you’ve never been truly naked in front of them. Share the parts of your heart. Share the parts of who you are not what you have. Share something more.

If you’ve never been truly vulnerable in front of someone like that, it’s scary. It isn’t easy to stop hiding who you are. It’s not easy to let people in. Don’t do it with just anyone. Do it with someone who deserves to know you. With someone you trust. With someone that will take all the things you’ve shown them, place them in their heart, and love you more because of it.

Not everyone is worthy of that gift. Not everyone deserves to know you to the core. It’s not an easy thing to say, but don’t let someone know all about you out of obligation. Let them in because you want them there. Let them in because you want them to know you. Let them in because in those little moments of silence, their voice is there. When you’re feeling safe.

Do not live your entire life having never shared the depths of yourself with someone. I know, I know. I told you not to let someone in unless they deserve it. What I mean is, don’t live life with someone you feel you cannot share yourself with. Don’t allow yourself to hide who you are within. You deserve to be you. Every single multifaceted side of you is magnificent. Don’t hide it.

And if you love someone, don’t hide it. Don’t hide yourself. Don’t hide your love. Don’t hide your dreams. Be free. Crack open the book of yourself and let them read the pages. Allow their finger to trace after every line as you open yourself up to them.


If you’re interested in hearing more spoken word from Andrea Gibson and supporting a blogger like myself, follow the link below.



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