I Can Feel It

I love you.


And you know what? Loving someone and trying to love someone is so damn different. With some people it’s just natural and easy to love them. It’s simple and it doesn’t require work.  Even on the bad days, they don’t seem so bad, but with others, each day is a struggle. Putting them first, loving them “anyway…” Well, sometimes, things just aren’t so easy.

I’ve always wanted the easy kind of love, but I had never had it. You know what I’ve realized though? It’s not meant to be easy as pie every day. Some days are hard, but you shouldn’t have to love someone “anyway” or in spite of things. You should love them because you love them. It should be the kind of feeling you can sense filling your heart. The kind of emotion that you can feel radiating from your body.

My love for you reminds me of that song by The Temptations- I Want a Love I Can See

I want a love I can see.
The kind of love you can give to me.
The kind of kisses to make, make me melt.
The kind of love that can really be felt, now.

With you, it’s a love I can see. It’s easy. It’s there. It’s the kind of love that only you can give to me. A kind of love that I know is a once in a lifetime kind of thing… I’m so grateful to be able to have experienced a love like this. So many people don’t get the chance to and I feel terribly for them. I do.

I’m so damn lucky because loving you is easy. I love you because I just love you. I love you not in spite of what you are or what you believe. I love you for those reasons, too. I love you because I just do. It’s a feeling I can’t shake. One that will never leave me. One that I’m more than okay with allowing to fill my heart and radiate from my every pore.

Loving you is so damn simple. Loving you is all I could want. Loving you makes my heart sore from pumping so hard, from feeling so much… I’m grateful for the pain because it shows me that you’ve been there. It shows me that your face and your presence have been gracing my thoughts, my dreams, and my life. I feel it with you. I feel it so simply. I don’t have to work at it.

I know it won’t always be like this; I know we’ll have bad times. I know that the skies will be gray at times, but the thought of having your fingers laced with mine and facing those days together… well that’s a pretty thought if you ask me. The sorrow and sadness that life brings will still have a bit of a rosy glow, even if it’s not seen by the naked eye. Even if we can’t always see it, it’s there.

Just like my heart. Even if you can’t see it. Even if you can’t place your fingers under my jaw and feel my pulse, you know that my heart, each beat, it’s for you.


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