Reach out, I’m There

Each part of me yearns for you in a way that only you make possible.
I only desire your touch,
Your embrace,
Your gentle kisses.
Every part of me longs for you.
I am meant to be caressed by your hands;
Kissed by your lips;
And loved by your heart.
I know you never asked for it.
You never claimed me as your own.
But I gladly stamped your name upon my skin and upon the heart that beats within.
Each cell that has joined together to create this body I inhabit,
Each freckle upon my cheek,
Each lash upon my lid,
Every molecule of every atom that have created this heart is yours.
Yours in a way that people cannot comprehend.

They won’t understand when I say I’m in love with you, I’m not saying it out of habit.
I’m not saying it because that’s what comes next;
I’m whispering it aloud because it is sincere.
It’s in my heart,
A heart that could shatter with the magnitude of love I now hold within it.

Darling, you make every sense come alive.
Every nerve is throbbing with admiration.
Each love song has new meaning.
Every emotion is more distinct because of you.
Everything feels surreal because of you.
Everything is beautiful because of you.
You brought color into a black, white, and gray life.
This lonely heart will never again feel alone
Because of you.

You have been set upon that heart.
I pray I get the honor of loving you eternally.
I want to understand you intimately.
I want to know each freckle.
I want to kiss the corners of each smile that blooms into a laugh.
I want to tell you what a beautiful heart you have.
How brilliantly you have been made.
In the darkest of nights, I long to whisper in your ear,
“You are all that I could ever hope for.”

If anyone dares tell you, “you aren’t enough,”
Do not give it a second thought.
They live in a sightless world,
I know because I used to call that place home.
I believed love was a laughable affair,
But darling, remember this,
You are so much more than merely adequate.
You’re the best there ever was and the best I could have dreamed of.
I pray those poor souls find a love half as glorious as ours,
And even then, they’d make out like bandits.
I’m amazed that I found you in the midst of a world that left me searching for something more.
A world filled with wrong turns and dead ends somehow led me to this place in which I’m standing.

Let me stand here a bit longer.
Let me love you a bit more.


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